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The Americans with Disabilities Act means that workers who live with disabling conditions are legally entitled to equal opportunities to advance within the workplace and to be paid the same as their able-bodied counterparts. As long as the person in question can do the job, with proper accommodations, there is no acceptable reason for preventing a disabled employee from progressing within the organization. Unfortunately, the fact that Torrance disability discrimination attorneys exist is evidence enough that not all employers agree with this, and that those with a disability continue to be discriminated against on a regular basis.
At Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, our disability discrimination attorney is highly experienced in handling cases where people with various disabilities have been treated unfairly by their employer, in one way or another. This may involve your employer failing to take reasonable steps to accommodate your disability, or perhaps you have been fired because of your condition.
We understand that experiences such as these are incredibly distressing, and pledge to work tirelessly to recover the compensation and damages you deserve.

Your Rights, According To The Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is considered civil rights legislature, meaning violations of the act are more serious than some other crimes against public policy. Your protection under ADA is not limited to the workplace – you are also protected against discriminatory behavior from a work colleague or superior in public places, on public transportation, and elsewhere. The terms of the ADA mean that action can be taking against that individual personally, rather than focusing solely on the employing organization.
If your employer has more than 15 employees, they are bound by Title I of the ADA, specifically addressing employment conditions and protections afforded to those with disabling conditions.
A Torrance disability discrimination attorney at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers will be happy to discuss your rights, if you are unsure whether a certain behavior is acceptable or not. To give you an idea of what constitutes a violation of the ADA, we have successfully handled cases relating to:

  • Employers failing to discuss an employee’s requirements or to honor oral or written requests for workplace accommodations of that employee’s requirements due to disability
  • Employers retaliating against disabled workers who reported harassment or discriminatory behavior
  • Employers failing to implement specifically required workstation adjustments or doing so in a haphazard manner

Generally, the cases handled by a Torrance disability discrimination attorney will involve employers who simply do not care about how they can help disabled employees to succeed in their roles, or who have terminated their employment without good cause.

A Torrance Disability Discrimination Attorney Could Review Your Case Free of Charge

Do not let the cost of an attorney deter you from reporting the discriminatory behavior you are being subjected to by your employer. You are entitled to be treated equally and fairly, and the Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers’s expert legal team will do everything in our power to protect these rights. We will not charge you a dime until we recover the damages you are entitled to.
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