Glendale Age Discrimination Attorney

Age discrimination protections cover workers in Glendale and the rest of California who are 40 years of age and older. These protections help to protect employees who have worked hard to achieve a successful career earning pay commensurate with that experience. They also protect job seekers from not being hired for positions that they are qualified for because of their age. Under California law, employers may not terminate someone’s employment or take other actions that harm their employment based on their age.

California And Federal Employment Law

Age discrimination claims may be filed under California law with the California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing or under federal law with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A Glendale age discrimination attorney with Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers will discuss these and other options related to your claim and help you determine claim strategies that will be most beneficial to you and your case.

Age Discrimination Scenarios

See below for some scenarios with facts that may support an age discrimination claim.

  • An employer implemented a new business plan or discussed plans to hire younger employees to revamp their image to appeal to a younger market. Similar business plans and goals coupled with adverse action against older employees’ jobs may help support an age discrimination claim.
  • A long term employee over the age of 40 started receiving baseless negative performance reviews or evaluations for the first time in his or her career with the company.
  • An employer stated that they were looking to hire a young person to other employees, in a job posting, or in an interview. Or similarly, an employer stated that they would not consider candidates with more than a specific number of years of experience, which effectively disqualified older job candidates.
  • An employer initiated retirement discussions and job succession planning in an effort to push an employee into retirement due to his or her age. Or an employer established a mandatory retirement age policy.
  • An employer offered benefits, opportunities, and training that was not offered to older workers.
  • An employer offered fewer working hours to older employees than to younger employees.
  • An employer made an employment environment more hostile and difficult for older employees in an effort to force them to retire.
  • An employer demoted an employee aged 40 or older and the replacement employee was a younger, less qualified or less experienced employee.
  • An employer passed over an older employee for a promotion or new hire position that went to a younger, less qualified or less experienced person.
  • An employer changed work conditions or job assignment for the worse because of an employee’s older age.
  • An employer permitted or participated in harassment aimed at an older employee such as repeatedly making age related jokes.
  • A company wide layoff that mostly impacted employees age 40 and over.

If your employment suffered due to age discrimination, you deserve to be compensated for resulting damages and the employer deserves to be held accountable. Contact a Glendale age discrimination attorney with Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers who will help you comply with legal requirements and notices for making an age discrimination claim.

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