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Whistleblower employees frequently make big headlines in California and across the country when they report violations of statutes, rules, and regulations in the workplace. Whistleblowers are heralded as courageous heroes for standing up for what is right against their employers who engage in wrongful conduct. Our Inland Empire whistleblower attorneys understand the courage that it takes to report your employer for bad acts and we also understand the risks involved because your employment is your livelihood and we want to see that you are protected from any retaliation you may suffer as a result of reporting your employer’s wrongful conduct.

Whistleblower laws

There are both federal and state whistleblower protections. California’s whistleblower laws protect employees who disclose information or testify against employers based on a reasonable belief that their employer was engaging in conduct resulting in:

  • Violations or noncompliance with federal or state statutes, rules, and regulations, or
  • Unsafe working conditions in the place of employment.

Whistleblowers may also be employees who refuse to participate in conduct that results in violations or noncompliance with statutes, rules, and regulations.

Whistleblowing that results in retaliation

Employment attorneys at The Rager Law Firm frequently see cases of retaliation against whistleblowers where an employer effectively punishes the employee for reporting the employer’s conduct. Retaliation is illegal and employees are protected under California’s employment laws from retaliation due to reporting violations or non-compliance with rules and regulations, and they are also protected from retaliation for exercising legal rights such as filing workers’ compensation, discrimination, and wage claims against their employer.

Ragerretaliation cases

Our employment law attorneys not only encourage our clients to exercise their legal rights to file claims and report illegal workplace conduct, we also make sure that our clients are protected from retaliatory employers who fire or take other actions that negatively impact our clients’ employment. See below for some of our retaliation cases and amounts recovered as a result of settlements or trial awards in favor of our clients.

  • $11.4M for radiologist who was retaliated against for trying to improve medical standards at a hospital.
  • $3.4M for a doctor who was retaliated against for trying to improve care for heart surgery patients.
  • $2.1M for a doctor who was retaliated against after reporting poor conditions in the obstetrics department at a hospital.
  • $2M settlement for a worker who reported HIPPA violations and was fired in retaliation.
  • $1.75M for a doctor who was retaliated against for making complaints about cancer patient care.
  • $1.6M for a nurse who was retaliated against after advocating for better patient care.

Our Inland Empire whistleblower attorneys believe in the old saying: two wrongs do not make a right, especially in cases where employers

  1. Engage in illegal or otherwise wrongful conduct, and
  2. Punish innocent employees who had the courage to stand up to their employers for what is right and just. Our employment law team will fight to see that you are compensated for damages you have suffered as a result of doing the right thing.
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