Riverside Wage Fraud Attorney

Southern Californians working tirelessly night and day to bring home earnings for families shouldn’t worry if they’ve made the correct wage, if withholding allowances are being added properly or if overtime hours are correct. Riverside wage fraud allegations aren’t taken lightly by Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers.
Fraudulent wage practices take many forms. The Employment Development Department of California, and other state and Federal agencies, proactively police employer practices, but even that’s not enough. Employers try paying workers under the table to avoid reporting income, reclassify employees as 1099 workers to avoid paying benefits otherwise entitled to hourly workers, even shave hours to keep extra profits.

What Riverside Wage Fraud Attorneys Do

Whether numerous employees form class actions with Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, or we fight to recover years of lost wages, our work entails everything you’d expect when dealing with wage crimes – investigate and hold responsible parties accountable.
Our firm handles cases involving:

  • Employees docked lunch or break hours they never took.
  • Recovering lost wages from workers who weren’t paid for vacation time employers claimed must be taken and would be paid for.
  • Commissions weren’t paid for sales made.

Many other circumstances may exist where claims you didn’t think were actionable actually have legal standing. We have an incredibly accurate Riverside wage fraud attorney available to answer questions and better determine whether your employer wage fraud claim has merit.
In order to prove cases where wage fraud is alleged, Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers must prove:

  • You were legally employed at the employer in question
  • During the time alleged, you were given a predetermined salary, or hourly wage at or above the California minimum of $10.50
  • Overtime hours were granted, commissions were due or other bonuses were promised
  • Employer failed to pay wages as directed, company workers were reclassed as ‘contractors’ or other acts which deprived you financially transpired
  • In depriving you, laws were violated, and the employer is legally liable

Small business, large corporations, even larger farming operations always look for ways to cut corners. Many times, employee pay is the first place to start. Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers takes all allegations of wage fraud seriously due to their potential ramifications.

Relief Is Available To You

The exact amount of financial compensation you may be entitled to depends on factors specific to your case. If you’ve been deprived full pay for two years, and have enough proof to back your claim, our Riverside wage fraud attorney will recover all available relief since longer periods mean suffering occurred.
Feeling overwhelmed because an employer has taken advantage of your skills? You’re not alone. We take cases each day where victims of wage tampering feel hopeless, nearly homeless and living a substandard lifestyle. When employees count on money each week to live, defrauding becomes not only unethical, it becomes illegal.
Workers who’ve been denied wages or benefits that were promised should call us immediately. We’ll evaluate your case and build a meritorious case based on what we’re able to uncover. There are no fees until we recover compensation for you.

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