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Whatever industry and role you work in, you do it mainly to bring home the money that you and family need to survive. Even if you are lucky enough to have a career you love, you do not go to work every day just for the love of the job – you do it so you get paid. While you are working tirelessly for 40 hours or however many you work in a usual week, you should not need to worry about whether or not you will receive the correct wages when payday comes around. If your employer is failing to add allowances, overtime, or other aspects of your wages as they should, you may need the services of a Torrance wage fraud attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers.

What Constitutes Wage Fraud In California

Wage fraud and related practices can take many forms but, in short, if you have not been paid as you should have been, your employer may be guilty of fraudulent activity. Behavior like this is actively monitored and policed by the Employment Development Department of California, as well as other states and federal agencies, but some less than scrupulous employers still try to get away with cutting corners at the expense of their employees. This can include paying employees under the table to avoid accurately reporting income and paying the correct amount of taxes, or incorrectly reclassifying employees as 1099 workers, meaning they are not entitled to the benefits they would otherwise receive.
Some examples of cases a wage fraud attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers has successfully handled include:

  • Pay being deducted for lunch or other breaks an employee did not take
  • Employees not receiving vacation pay the employer had assured them they were entitled to
  • Failure to pay sales commission at the agreed rate, or at all

This is nowhere near a complete list of the types of fraudulent wage practices we have encountered. Even if you are not certain that you circumstance qualify for legal intervention, you should consult a wage fraud attorney to discuss your case and find out how we could help you. Our highly experienced Torrance wage fraud attorney has a proven record of success, and can identify merit in cases where the worker was not sure they had a chance of recovering their pay.

Victim Of Wage Fraud? Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers Can Help

A Torrance wage fraud attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers is always able and willing to answer any questions you may have about your potential employer wage fraud claim, as well as providing outstanding legal representation should you have a valid case.
To prove that you were a victim of wage fraud, your attorney will need to demonstrate that:

  • You were legally employed by the organization in question
  • You were given a predetermined salary or hourly wage in excess of the California minimum wage of $10.50
  • You were promised commissions or bonuses and were due overtime pay in respect of authorized hours
  • Your employer did not pay as directed, reclassified you or other employees as contractors to avoid certain obligations, or otherwise deprived you of the earnings you were entitled to
  • Your employer’s actions violated laws, leaving them legally liable

No matter how big or small your employer’s business is, we can successfully litigate against them to recover the funds you are entitled to.
To discuss your circumstances with an experienced Torrance wage fraud attorney, call us today on 310-527-6994.

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