Pasadena Wage Fraud Attorney

Untold financial losses from employer wage fraud mean someone else besides the employee is capitalizing on man-hours. More often than not, executives or greedy business owners pocket wages, blaming an employee’s paycheck deficiency on ‘clerical errors’ or system glitches.
Afraid of retaliation, many employees hire Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, an expert Pasadena wage fraud attorney known for recovering lost wages and holding employers liable for willful negligence.

Wages Were Earned. We Fight To Recover Them

Unethical payroll practices, such as slipping deductions into paychecks or illegally increasing tax rates, contribute to many cases where employees are left short on pay periods. Since many employers have outsourced payroll companies, it’s hard to determine fault; we thoroughly investigate every claim as your Pasadena wage fraud attorney.
Are you afraid of retaliation because of:

  • Unpaid commissions promised to you?
  • Underpayment of hourly or salary wages?
  • Benefits that were supposed to be included, but weren’t?
  • An ‘accidental’hour shortage you know you worked, but employer denies your claim?
  • An involuntary misclassification which exempted you from overtime laws?
  • Your employer’s decision to make you work past shift to ‘clean’, but fails to pay you?
  • An employer docking you lunch breaks you never took?

We see these and other incidents often. Employers try to pinch pennies wherever possible, meaning employees may experience withholding of wages or benefits so corporations or small businesses can avoid higher payroll taxes.

Physical Proof Not Always Needed

Some courts maintain that ‘reasonable estimations’ are acceptable proof of time lost. While your employer may run their own payroll software and conveniently ‘forget’ to clock an employee in or out, other aggravating factors come into play; for example, cameras across the street may capture you going into work but not come out for the exact hours of your shift. Or, someone you know brought you lunch every day.
If you’re an employee working on federal contracts in California, both the Davis-Bacon Act and California’s Prevailing Wage Law comes into play. Your employer will be held accountable under both laws should they fail to pay correct wages on contracts over $2,000 and $1,000, respectively.
Messing with employee wages is an inexcusable form of fraud. Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers is an aggressive Pasadena wage fraud attorney firm that handles all types of wage problems.

We Recover Money Shorted On Paychecks

Computer programmers, truck drivers, salon workers and virtually every profession known to exist will have paychecks issued. And, with payable wages, comes employers trying to defraud their hard-working employees out of money owed.
Don’t let your company rob you of wages. In California, wage fraud isn’t treated kindly by courts. The hardworking men and women in California have the right to earn a fair wage for a hard day’s work.
Let Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers get back what was wrongfully taken. You can expect a Pasadena wage fraud attorney from our firm to work diligently to recover money owed and, in some cases, pain and suffering caused by being forced to live below standards.
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