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If recent social media trends and news items are accurate, it appears that practically no women manage to get through life without being subjected to sexual harassment in some shape or form. Sexual harassment in the workplace does not only affect women either, as Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers attorneys can attest. We have represented females, males, and clients who have changed genders, all of whom have suffered at the hands of an employer or manage who feels entitled to act inappropriately in the workplace. Under California law, FEHA enables attorneys to pursue employers who allow unwarranted and unwelcome sexual advances, catcalling, conversations and emails of a provocative nature, and similarly unethical and unlawful treatment of employees. Indeed, FEHA is one of the legal tools our Torrance sexual harassment attorneys regularly reference when handling cases.
Due to the sensitive, and often harrowing, nature of sexual harassment offenses, our Torrance attorneys pledge to always give you their immediate attention, with a view to putting an end to the behavior as soon as possible.

Holding Employers Accountable For Sexual Harassment In The Torrance Workplace

As mentioned earlier, FEHA is one of California’s own tools for tackling sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers in the state have certain obligations that must be fulfilled, including posting California FEHA posters, making materials available to all employees, and generally making it clearly understood that sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior will simply not be tolerated. Classes and/or videos should also be made available if they are deemed appropriate. The final obligation imposed on California employers involves having some means of reporting violations, which also prevents perpetrators from taking retaliatory action against their victims.
Should employers fail to comply with their legal obligations, a Torrance sexual harassment attorney could act on your behalf. Sexual harassment claims can take numerous forms, including:

  • Retaliation for reporting sexual harassment, whether reported by the victim or a witness
  • Employers requesting sexual favors in exchange for a pay increase, additional benefits, or other gifts
  • Propositioning someone to act in a sexual manner, even if done unintentionally, or intended as a joke
  • Grabbing an employee’s genitals, or making sexual gestures, signals or signs. This can include showing pictures of sexual acts
  • Threatening to act, or acting, in a manner which confines an employee. Depending on the circumstances, this could result in both civil and criminal charges
  • Failure to hire a potential employee as they refused to perform sex acts
  • Intimidating victims in an attempt to stop them from reporting inappropriate behavior

An experienced Torrance sexual harassment attorney could recover compensation and damages on your behalf, the extent of which will depend on the nature of the harassment, the severity of the incidents, and any other factors which may be relevant. For example, if you are also disabled, you will be afforded additional protection under the appropriate laws.

Discuss Your Case With A Torrance Sexual Harassment Attorney To Get Results

While it is widely accepted that sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior is wrong, and should not be accepted, litigating can be a very complex process. As such, your best chances of success, and in recovering the damages you are entitled, lies in your choice of lawyer.
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