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Many large corporations who commit heinous crimes look forward to blaming employees, hoping their troubles will disappear. How do outside investigators find out about potential Ponzi schemes, fictitious earnings reports and other corporate duplicities? Employee whistleblowers.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, a pro-workforce firm that handles Riverside retaliation cases such as harassment and unmerited firing due to whistleblowing, steps in when employees fear unspeakable action against them. Whether reporting harassment, workplace safety issues, or wage tampering, employees who take grievances to state and federal agencies are protected from retaliation.

Companies Fear Regulation. So, They Retaliate.

Most places we work, eat, entertain and sleep have specific regulations that must be followed. Whether restaurants must have one ServSafe certified food handler, or entire factories must be OSHA compliant and ISO certified, regulation means expenses. As many of our Riverside retaliation cases suggest, many businesses either prefer to ignore regulatory requests, and simply thrive in hostility. Or hate spending money.
Here at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, our vast experience in litigating against companies who retaliate against employees for bringing unsafe or unethical concerns into public view allows us to handle cases such as:

  • Excessive disciplinary action stemming from employee(s) who alerts EEOC of discriminatory hiring practices.
  • Cutting off employee benefits, even docking pay, for alerting SEC investigators of potential insider trading practices.
  • Giving negative performance evaluations because employee started a petition to present changes to corporate policy.
  • Firing employees, then giving purposely negative references, because employee stood up for another being bullied.

The list of similar cases the Riverside retaliation attorney at our firm previously handled is both astonishing and vast.
Employees who received good reviews, regular raises and other accolades only to one day have all perks and prestige stripped because they reported employer wrongdoing are prime candidates for litigation.

We Hold Companies Accountable For Mistreatment

Holding businesses who employ greater than 15 people (20 if your grievance is age-related) has made Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers a logical destination for all claims employment related.
Retaliating against employees for employer shortcomings, or crimes in general, isn’t entirely uncommon. For-profit companies tend to find efficient, cost-effective methods of running daily operations – some which are below standard. When an employee, or group of employees, report violations to outside agencies, the intended goal is change.
Riverside retaliation victims may recover compensation equal to pay lost, plus any pain and suffering endured preceding your termination.
Claims arising from employer retaliation must be handled delicately. Therefore, it’s important that any communication between you and employer, you and any agency you reported wrongdoing to, and the testimony of witnesses to retaliatory action are preserved.
Our goal is settling cases favorably for clients who’d prefer to avoid face-to-face confrontations in court. Even in legal settings, it’s entirely possible for employers to intimidate our clients; we try to settle outside of court, so victims can continue their lives.

We’ll Fight For Retaliation Victims

Hiring an experienced retaliation attorney that cares makes a world of difference.
If during your employment you’ve been retaliated against for any reason, contact Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers. A free case evaluation is offered to every potential client.

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