Pasadena Retaliation Attorney

You work hard every week, perform your job as expected without being late. All assignments are completed in a timely manner, you’re working towards job promotion and all seems well and good.
But because you reported an act against corporate policy, you were let go.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers is the Pasadena retaliation attorney people entrust with cases of this magnitude because we’re battle-tested in situations where employers decide to cover their tracks by firing whistleblowers.

Suffering Financial Losses From Retaliation

According to California law, employers cannot retaliate for reporting acts you witnessed or acts directed at you. Financial damages can be recovered, along with payment for aggrievances endured while you were out of work. Discuss available options with a retaliation attorney at our firm to learn more.
Retaliation comes in many forms, but most cases involve:

  • Employers retaliating for worker’s compensation claims filed
  • Employees getting fired for legitimate absences under the FMLA
  • Employees who report unethical actions, such as insider trading, known as whistleblowing
  • Employers firing or demoting employees for filing discrimination claims
  • Employees being let go for Sarbanes-Oxley Act violation reporting
  • Employers firing employees for reporting OSHA violations
  • Employees being demoted or fired for reporting sexual harassment or bullying

Specific laws protecting employees from retaliation vary, with provisions and exclusions added often. This shortlist of retaliation cases can be handled by a Pasadena retaliation attorney at our firm. We can recover more money quicker than those who try litigating against large corporate powers alone.

Trying To Settle Direct With Employer First

Many times, an employer fired you based off someone else’s misunderstanding. Sometimes a supervisor not authorized to terminate employment did so without managerial approval. Try reasoning with your employer after discussing your case with our attorney by:

  • Discussing your allegations in full. If you can, ask for the entire conversation to be recorded or have a witness you trust present.
  • Watch every word you say. The misplacement of one word or phrase could make or break your case. For example, you can be fired for threatening to leave work early, but cannot be fired for saying your leaving work because your mother has been unexpectedly hospitalized.
  • If no resolution can be reached, collect everything from your desk or locker and don’t look back until your case is settled.

Your Pasadena retaliation attorney will advise you to protect your rights by starting your case with Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers before approaching your employer to reason with them. And, as with any legal case, the more proof you can provide, the greater your chance of winning becomes.

We Retaliate Against Retaliators

Using power to invoke fear in employees is illegal, but an unfortunate part of our workplace. Without a Pasadena retaliation attorney on your side, victims may feel lost and without recourse simply because they did the right thing.
Were you put out of work because of retaliatory actions stemming from reporting crimes or incidents at work? You may be entitled to substantial compensation.
Contact Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers to discuss your case confidentially.

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