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When an applicant or an employee become the epicenter of an employer’s dislike for a particular religion, it makes an entire workforce feel inadequate. By this, we mean followers of other religions may feel indirectly attacked, or feel that they’re next in line. According to the EEOC, unfavorable treatment or termination based solely on one’s religious beliefs is against the law.
Hiring a Pasadena religious discrimination attorney may seem outlandish or a waste of money, but consider this: a termination of employment based on religious practice may not only entitle an employee to significant compensation, but an employer may be forced to reinstate the worker to their original position and pay.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers has successfully litigated against companies large and small who disparage specific theological practices for no apparent reason

What Constitutes ‘Religious Discrimination’

The law clearly defines religious discrimination, in all forms, as illegal in the workplace. This means that individuals who participate in a daytime prayer ceremony, for example, may not be humiliated or terminated from their position, provided their ceremony is not interrupting normal workplace activities. Demoting, depriving employees of pay or benefits, created an unnecessarily hostile work environment or purposely making snide or derogatory comments regarding and employees chosen religion are also written into EEOC law. Taking it a step further, it’s a protected constitutional right.
Not only are people associated with specific religions such as Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism or even Wiccan protected, but individuals married to workers that practice specific religions are protected classes, too.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers is a skilled Pasadena religious discrimination attorney firm that completely understands every facet of religious protections at work. Leveraging decades of trial and negotiation experience, were able to hold responsible parties accountable inside, or prior to entering, court.
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act forbids employers from placing religious participants into non-customer contact positions, and it also outlaws employers from harassing individuals where specific garments that may be required to effectively worship an employee’s chosen deity. It’s also illegal for employers to force a particular religious practice upon new employees as a condition of keeping their position.
Not with standing, how and why employees choose to practice religion should be of no concern to any company, nor should chastising staff is an allowable action. Unfortunately, companies find their religious objections to be justified, even if it’s illegal.

We Go After Discriminatory Employers

No part of religious discrimination is acceptable.
Employees who work hard and believe specific theological ideologies are protected under state and federal laws. Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers is a Pasadena religious discrimination attorney you can count on bring employers to justice for their discriminatory actions. From investigation of your initial complaint, to listening to the final jury decision were on your side defending your interests, and those interests of other employees who may fear retaliation for stepping forward.
Contact our office immediately as employees only have 180 calendar days from the date of the last instance of discrimination to file formal charges with the EEOC, but only 45 days if you’re a federal employee.

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