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Working 40 hours takes enough energy in physically demanding jobs. Why should employees waste more energy fighting for overtime pay owed to them? Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, an employment litigation firm with experience in Riverside overtime violations, knows employment law and fights to recover every penny owed to workers who’ve put in extra time but got taken advantage of.
We fight for individuals and groups, recovering wages and any damages resulting from pay infringement.

Not Paid Wages Owed? We Can Help

Employers do make mistakes, many which a simply discussion with human resources can resolve. However, a growing number of companies cut corners, often at the expense of employees. Where’s the first logical place to ‘shave’ expenditures? Overtime.
While pay gets cut, work demand does not. This means employees are often forced to clock out to clean machinery and tooling, or perform prep work for another shift without regard to compensation.
Our overtime violations attorney, and staff, will rigorously defend clients who put in time but failed to get properly compensated for hours. We’ll go as far back as the law allows if violations are consistent throughout an employee’s tenure.
Overtime laws prevent companies from:

  • Paying ‘straight time’ for hours past the 40-hour weekly limit.
  • Reclassifying employees as ‘exempt’, meaning hourly employees may be reclassed to avoid paying overtime hours at the California rate of 1.5 times regular pay.
  • Retaliating against employees who report overtime violations to Labor Bureau or EEOC.
  • Forcing employees to work extra duty after being clocked out.
  • Failing to pay overtime for discriminatory reasons.

California overtime laws take the experience to navigate. The Riverside overtime violations attorney most local employees prefer comes from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers.

Can Employers Get Away With Overtime Violations

Many will have employees thinking they can. However, laws are fairly straightforward in terms of punishment and damages attorneys can seek against companies trying to save a buck.
Some common situations where our firm recovers damages stemming from overtime violations include:

  • Employee clocks out. Supervisor asks employee to clean breakroom before leaving, but doesn’t want employee clocking back in. This would be a violation.
  • Employee receives paycheck, but notices exemptions changed, and no overtime was paid. If an employer reclasses an employee for any reason, they’ve violated labor laws and violated overtime rules.

Employers cannot rewrite laws as they go. California code is precise in directing employers to pay 1.5 hours between hours 41-60, and double time from hours 61 on up. Any employee who worked required overtime but wasn’t paid can bring their claim to a Riverside overtime violations lawyer at our firm.
Labor violations aren’t treated with kindness in California; there’s a significant difference between accidentally missing an hour here and there due to clerical error, and blatantly cutting overtime hours from paychecks or forcing employees to clock out and work.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers is dedicated to helping employees victimized by overtime violations recover damages for their hardship. We don’t charge to look at your claim, and will not collect one dime until your case settles.

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