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When you have a physically or mentally demanding job, you are sure to be absolutely shattered after working your standard 40 hours per week, but sometimes you cannot avoid working overtime. Whether you have accepted overtime hours because you and your family need the extra cash, or because your workplace is experiencing a particularly busy period, you are entitled to be paid the overtime rates you agreed to. As experienced Torrance overtime violations attorneys, we know that it is all too common for employees to be forced to fight for the overtime time they are owed, as unscrupulous employers try to take advantage of them.
Whether your overtime violation affects one person or your workplace as a whole, Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers’s expert legal team can fight to recover the wages you are owed, as well as damages resulting from the pay infringement. Our overtime violations attorneys ensure they are always familiar with current employment law, meaning you can rest assured that your case is in the best hands.

Overtime Not Paid? A Torrance Overtime Violations Attorney Can Help

While we accept that employers are only human and make mistakes from time to time, if failing to pay overtime rates is a genuine error it should be swiftly rectified with by a simple discussion with human resources. If your employer refuses to remedy your shortfall in pay, meaning it is likely to be a conscious effort to cut corners instead. Saving money at employees’ expense is never acceptable, and a Torrance overtime violations attorney will work tirelessly to secure the pay you should have received in exchange for your own hard work.
When an employer tries to cut costs by cutting overtime pay, the demand for work rarely gets reduced at a similar rate. As well as working pre-agreed overtime, you may also be affected by being forced to clock out to perform tasks such as prepping for the next shift, or cleaning machinery. You deserve to be adequately compensated for this extra work.
Overtime laws in California offer a range of protections to employees, including preventing employers from:

  • Paying normal rates for hours beyond the 40-hour weekly limit
  • Reclassifying employees as exempt to avoid paying the overtime rate of 1.5 times an employee’s regular pay after 40 hours have been worked, and double pay after 60 hours
  • Retaliating against any employees who report these overtime violations to the Labor Bureau or EEOC
  • Forcing employees to carry out extra tasks after clocking out
  • Discriminating against employees when it comes to paying overtime

Although the law is clearly in favor of the employee, it can be difficult to navigate successfully. To ensure you receive the pay you have earned, speak to a Torrance overtime violations attorney today.

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