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Before 1938, children were shoveled into American workplaces without regard to ability to perform work. Work weeks weren’t capped, and employers scoffed at the notion workers deserved a premium for extra hours worked. After the Federal Labor Standards Act was passed in the same year, workers were guaranteed .25 cents per hour by Federal standards. Apart from that, labor laws will still rather ‘lax’.
Today, more comprehensive California and Federal legislation exists to shelter employees from unfair overtime practices. Since hourly workers hold today’s economy together, paying them both fairly and timely shouldn’t be an issue, although wage violations still occur.
If you’re experiencing loss of pay stemming from employer negligence, a Pasadena overtime violations attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers will look at your case and recover compensation accordingly.

Overtime Violation Claims We Help With

While FLSA does exclude certain classes of employee, this doesn’t stop companies from purposely misclassifying their workforce to save money. Claimants who contact our office often prove that:

  • Prep work, cleanup or any ‘extra’ activities weren’t properly billed as overtime
  • Their employment class was erroneously changed to 1099 employee status
  • Their regular duties exceeding 40 weekly hours weren’t paid at time and one half
  • They were paid ‘piece rate’ but exceeded 40 hours without overtime paid
  • They notice regular hours were cut short, and overtime hours were added as regular time

An Overtime violations attorney help will correct these errors, recover payments owed, and hold employers legally liable for willfully violating California labor laws.

Employees Who Are Exempt

Some classes of the employee are exempt from overtime laws, including:

  • Anyone earning twice the Federal minimum wage, more commonly found in administration
  • Employees who earn specific wages based on mileage
  • Actors, writers and similar specialized fields may also be exempt on a case-by-case basis.

Two types of bonuses, discretionary and non-discretionary, may be subject to these laws. One bonus type is earned and expected, whereas another is completely unexpected and often gifted.
Because so many different employee classifications exist, let Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers review your case to determine claim eligibility. We’ve settled many claims quickly, most times before cases are filed in court. As employers are not allowed to retaliate against workers who report violations, many times our clients can maintain their current work positions without further repercussion.

If You Earned It, We’ll Recover It

Mistakes happen. Maybe one week employer miscalculated hours, or perhaps an unknown software error occurred which threw everyone off. Accidents like these are common, usually only requiring someone mentioning the error to their immediate supervisor to get missing money placed on the following week’s check.
However, blatantly shorting employee hours worked, willfully docking overtime hours and similar overtime violations are illegal according to state and Federal law. Not only could employers be held responsible for paying what’s owed, but any losses incurred due to paycheck shortages can be compensated for as well.
Hire a veteran Pasadena overtime violations attorney to get errors corrected today. Our consultation is free, and we’ll immediately investigate your claim to determine potential settlement.

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