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We live in a state that has extensive coverage for classes who are protected from discrimination, yet we still see workplace gender and sex discrimination here in Inland Empire and throughout California. The good news is that California’s laws not only provide extensive discrimination protections, but they also allow an extensive variety of employment discrimination remedies and compensation for employees who have been discriminated against.
Gender and sex protections basically prohibit discriminating against employees based on their gender or sex and conditions related to gender and sex such as pregnancy, maternity leave, pregnancy related conditions, and breastfeeding. California protections are also in place for discrimination related to transgender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Our Inland Empire gender discrimination attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers are employee advocates who want to protect employees from unfair treatment or harassment in the workplace.

Gender And Sex Discrimination Scenarios

Our employment law attorneys see just about every type of employment law case imaginable, but scenarios we frequently see associated with gender and sex discrimination are listed below.

  • Male employees in a typically female dominated career who are subjected to stereotyping, harassment, and unfair treatment because they are men. We also see female employees in a typically male dominated career who experience the same discriminations because they are female.
  • Discrimination related to pregnancy such as failing to hire or promote a female because she is or might eventually become pregnant. Or when an employee returns from maternity leave to discover that her employer has moved her to a less desirable position with the company because she took legally afforded time off.
  • An employer not making reasonable accommodations for breastfeeding employees such as not providing them a private place to express breast milk or requiring them to use a bathroom stall.
  • Transgender employees being denied equal access to a common restroom and forced to use a single-user restroom when other employees use a common restroom.
  • An employee being subjected to jokes made about his or her sexual orientation as well as other types of harassment and stereotyping related to sexual orientation.
  • Pay disparity among coworkers who have similar education and experience, but a particular class makes significantly more money than other classes of employees. For example, males may be paid significantly more than females and transgender employees who have the same education and experience. The California Fair Pay Act also puts the burden on the employer to prove that the pay discrepancy was not discriminatory.

These scenarios are common scenarios, but sex and gender discrimination can occur in many other circumstances as well. If you are a victim of workplace sex or gender discrimination, contact our Inland Empire gender discrimination attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers. We have experienced employment attorneys who will gather facts and build your case so that you receive available remedies and damages that you deserve which may include emotional distress, punitive damages, lost wages, lost future wages, job reinstatement or hiring, promotions, mandated policy changes, and attorney fees.

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