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Our Glendale gender discrimination attorneys strongly believe that no class of people has an inherent right to be paid more or to receive promotions over other classes of people; nor do members of a particular class have an inherent right to otherwise be treated better or more favorably than members of a different class of people. And no class of people has an inherent right to harass or otherwise discriminate against members of another class. Fortunately for California employees, California’s discrimination laws seem to agree. Our laws serve to protect particular classes of people from being discriminated against or harassed based on their gender or sex.
Our employment discrimination team at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers includes experienced gender and sex discrimination attorneys and our goal is to see that employees who are illegally discriminated against receive compensation and redress for resulting damages. Our goal is also to see that employers are held accountable for engaging in or permitting gender or sex based discrimination or harassment. Sex and gender discrimination laws protect people from being discriminated against because they are male, female, transgender, gender neutral, or because of their gender identity or gender expression.

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination occurs when an adverse action is taken against an employee or potential employee based on the employee’s gender or sex. Discriminatory actions may include:

  • Discriminatory comments or jokes
  • Segregation of a particular class from other classes such as only males work at a management level or higher, or gay employees work in cubicles near each other and away from employees who are not gay.
  • Promotions, demotions, and compensation discrepancies between different classes of people even though they are similarly educated and qualified.
  • Unequal benefits based on sex or gender such as providing more comprehensive health insurance to males so that they may insure their families.
  • Misconduct or harassment permitted for a particular class of people such as employers permitting heterosexual males to harass and make jokes about female or gay employees.
  • Gender or sex-stereotyping in workplace decisions that are based on stereotypes such as promoting a male over a female because she might get pregnant and not be able to work as hard as a man.
  • Hostile work environments for a particular class of employees.
  • Disparate treatment or impact such as a workplace policy that has a disparate impact against gay people or company wide layoffs that result in only women losing their jobs.

Proving gender or sex discrimination in the workplace is rarely a simple process, but with an experienced Glendale gender discrimination attorney, it becomes a lot easier. We have been down this road and understand the law, its application, and that proving gender or sex discrimination is often simply showing that although employers may say one thing, their actions frequently prove otherwise. Compensation you may be entitled to as a victim of sex, gender, or other type of employment discrimination may include lost wages and lost future wages, attorney fees, emotional distress, punitive damages, and job reinstatement or hiring.

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