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29 CFR Part 825, otherwise known as The Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993, affords eligible employees time away from work to handle family matters, while balancing equal opportunity within the workplace. For employees who’ve worked 1,250 hours within 12 months qualify, meaning family sicknesses, pregnancies or death are covered events.
If you’re working for any public or private sector company with 50 more employees at one location, or 50 employees with multiple locations within 75 miles of your home base, and have been denied leave you qualified for, a family medical leave act violation attorney can intervene and recover damages on your behalf.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers may be able to recover wages lost, pain and suffering and other forms of relief for victims of FMLA mistreatment.

Recovering Damages for FMLA Violations

The FMLA was enacted so eligible employees and servicemembers may attend to exigencies such as birth, serious medical conditions, or to care for service members seriously injured. While employers can request proof of such incidents to validate your FMLA request, many simply don’t bother. Firing or replacing employees seems to be much simpler in many cases, many of those dismissals lacking merit.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers can recover wages and other forms of financial relief for those who’ve been unreasonably treated when family emergencies arise. And because the Department of Labor is heavily involved with FMLA oversight, sweeping reform may be imposed upon an employer who violates any portion of this Act.
Employees, under the Family and Medical Leave Act, have the right to:

  • Return to employment with the same wage, same title and without harassment or retaliation.
  • Take intermittent absences so long as doing so doesn’t interfere with employer’s business operations and is deemed prudent to your personal situation.
  • Give reasonable notice without having position jeopardized or threatened.
  • Care for family members who are military personnel. FMLA allows twenty-six (26) weeks of unpaid leave (or partially paid if taking alongside paid vacation time) without losing position or prestige within the company.

Our Riverside family medical leave act violation lawyer can go over details specific to your FMLA claim to determine eligibility, what actions may be taken and what compensation you could be entitled to.

Protecting Your FMLA Rights Is Our Job

Numerous employees have retained us because our results-driven approach and passion for enforcing your rights under the FMLA allow us to recover significant monetary damages for our clients. While the Department of Labor does have rules employees must follow leading up to, and during, their leave of absence, employers have rules, too.
We’ve seen employers mistreat, segregate or even impose extra duties simply because an employee needed to care for the pregnant wife or tend to family funeral arrangements. It’s appalling.
If you’ve been dismissed, discriminated against or feel employers have done harm to your reputation, position or wages because you took time off, it’s important to document everything you can. If witnesses can testify on your behalf, request they do so.
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