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Men and women performing the same job are entitled to being paid identically. Notwithstanding experience, a Riverside Equal Pay Act violation occurs when an employer knowingly raises the pay of another simply because of their sex.
Believe you’re being segregated due to femininity or masculinity? Tired of working next to men much lazier than you, but getting paid less for doing identical amounts of work? Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers handles cases where men and women are cut short because they’re one sex, or another.

Laws Regarding Pay Equality

EPA (Equal Pay Act) has very specific remedies for individuals paid less than their male or female counterparts. Assuming you’re a female worker, our Equal Pay Act violation attorney may recover:

  • Attorney fees, reasonably calculated based off the amount of work performed
  • A pay raise equivalent to males working in your area
  • Backpay that can go as far back as your date of hire if employer has been segregating you the entire period of employment.
  • Liquid damages, or an additional sum of money equal to what your backpay is.

Perhaps more vindicating for female workers, an additional benefit of speaking up is:

  • The court may order every female working within the same field performing the same job must also receive raises, backpay and potentially liquid damages.

Moreover, an EPA violation can be coupled with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to add further damages for all females involved. Fundamentally speaking, violating the EPA usually merits a Title VII add-on.
One female worker who’s been robbed of equal pay and benefits as their male counterparts receive can really cost employers money. Which women and men entitled to being paid no differently than males or females working just as hard.

An Employer’s Defense

One major employer defense our Riverside Equal Pay Act violation attorney often picks apart is having acted in “good faith reliance” on EEOC written opinions or court cases. In other words, an employer can say the EEOC says that it’s okay for them to pay female workers less because the EEOC wrote an opinion.
Yes, it’s total hogwash. Taking out any mention of EPA violations, The Civil Rights Act specifically states women cannot be mistreated at work. Denying any woman employee equal pay violates CRA Title VII. Therefore, it goes without saying any EEOC ‘opinion’ could be easily discredited based off its inability to factor inequality.
Now if an employer unequally pays any female worker who has a disability, you can imagine the amount of potential damages Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers could recover.
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Tired of working hard to support your growing family, only to have an employer deny equal pay for equal work?
EPA violations are serious, and may have profound yet sweeping effects to your place of employment. Contact the trusted Equal Pay Violation attorney trusted by many local clients. We do not charge for our initial case review, and nothing comes out of pocket until your case settles.

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