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California Law

California is an at-will employment state meaning you can be fired for any reason at any time.

This does not apply to any of the aforementioned types of discrimination. Being fired for being a whistleblower is also illegal. If you are fired for an illegal reason then you may need the help of a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney. Now, if you think your firing was unfair this may not mean it is considered a wrongful termination. There is a major difference between unfair and illegal. There are often signs of unfair treatment throughout the company and they have an indication in upper management of their unfair practices.

However, as seen in many cases, the company would rather pay out employment litigation settlements instead of making changes in the company.
Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorney

Why Companies Win

Unfortunately, many employees are unaware that they have rights and can actually sue their former employer. Those that are aware are unwilling to pursue legal ramifications.

They often fear that the company will use their big resources and they will end up in a worse position than before. This does not have to be case with the help of a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer who has the skills and experience to help place you in the best position to succeed in your wrongful termination claim. It will not be an easy battle but most companies choose to settle instead of going through a long drawn out battle and potentially damaging their reputation. Some employers will not settle however and may think that this will deter you from continuing. Every case is different and needs to be evaluated by an experienced wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles. Trial can be difficult for some and it may be a good idea to try and avoid this point, but it might be necessary if the employer is unwilling to settle or tries to settle for an unfair amount.