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In 2018, it should go without saying that men and women doing the same job are entitled to get paid the same wages. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and countless female employees in California get paid less than their male colleagues, for no reason other than their sex. Of course, a more experienced employee is entitled to be paid more than a complete novice, but it is never acceptable to offer different rates of pay for male and female workers on the same level.

If you are a female worker who believes you are being paid less than the men you work alongside, for no good reason, an experience Torrance Equal Pay Act violation attorney from The Rager Law Firm could help you put an end to this practice, and get paid for the work you are doing, rather than your sex.

What Laws Protect Torrance Workers from Unequal Rates of Pay?

Under California law, female workers are protected from being paid less than their male counterparts by the Equal Pay Act. If you have been paid less than you should have been, an Equal Pay Act violation attorney could work on your behalf to recover:

  • A pay raise to a rate equivalent to that paid to your male counterparts
  • Backpay covering the length of time your employer has been underpaying you. This could go as far back as the date you started in that job
  • The attorney fees you have paid while contesting the Equal Pay Act violation, reasonably calculated according to hours worked
  • An additional sum of money equal to your backpay, also known as liquid damages

Speaking up against your employer’s Equal Pay Act violation could be even more beneficial than you think as, not only could it secure you the pay you are entitled to, it could force a reconsideration of the wages paid to all female employees in your area of work. If this happens, the court could also order that each of them receives backpay and liquid damages too.

As your Torrance Equal Pay Act violation attorney can discuss during your initial consultation, the EPA violation may be coupled with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to increase the damages payable to all female employees involved.

Does an Employer Have a Defense Against the Equal Pay Act Violation?

When faced with an Equal Pay Act violation claim, your employer may attempt to defend their actions, as they try to convince the court that the lower rate of pay was justified. One common defense attempt involves stating that they took in good faith the written account of EEOC opinions or court cases. However, this is not an acceptable excuse in the eyes of the law, and your employer will not be permitted to pay female employees less than male workers on these grounds.

An Equal Pay Act violation is a serious matter and will be treated accordingly by both your Torrance Equal Pay Act violation attorney and the court hearing your case. To get started on the route to securing the pay you are entitled to, call The Rager Law Firm today on 310-527-6994 for your free initial consultation.

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